Welcome to Prospect Heights Community Farm!

We are a community garden located in the heart of Brooklyn, just a few feet away from Vanderbilt Avenue and a short walk to some of Brooklyn’s greatest cultural institutions. Prospect Heights Community Farm is a project of the Open Space Institute.

Good times at the garden

Too much fun can be great. We seem to have gathered a bit of a backlog of past event photos to share, so without further ado… Natural Tannin Dyes Liz Spencer aka the Dogwood Dyer brought organic cotton, wild nettle, … Continued

Fall Workshops

We’ve already had an excellent workshop on medicinal herbs and a great Gardener’s Mic on beneficial weeds (more on those in a future post). Next up is a crochet workshop on Saturday, September 27 from 11:30am – 1pm, led by … Continued

Wild Brooklyn!

Whether you’re stressed out, have low energy, or just want to learn about some of the edible and medicinal plants that surround us, this workshop is for you!  PHCF member, herbalist, activist, trainer, and teacher, Vanessa Chakour, will be discussing the healing … Continued