Welcome to Prospect Heights Community Farm!

We are a community garden located in the heart of Brooklyn, just a few feet away from Vanderbilt Avenue and a short walk to some of Brooklyn’s greatest cultural institutions. Prospect Heights Community Farm is a project of the Open Space Institute.

Late spring blooms

Cherry blossom. Bearded iris. Maroon tulips. Peach blossom. Out at sea. Summer snowdrops. Strawberry. Marigold. Double tulip. Red tulips. The new bat house! We welcome all mosquito eating bats to the garden! Photos by Brian Thompson.

Spring in bloom

It’s finally here! The wait this year has been a long one, but Spring is, at last, in full swing. Enjoy the photos below. These first few are from a few weeks ago at dusk. The end of the day, … Continued

Plant sale this weekend

Our annual plant sale will begin this weekend on Sunday the 4th of May and continue through Saturday and Sunday the 10th and 11th of May. Each day we’ll run from 10am to 6pm to give you lots of time … Continued