The Amazing Compost Sifter

The following are some more long-awaited pictures of the PHCF Compost Sifter in action. Someday we’ll figure out how to create a very dynamic and Flash-y way of displaying these sorts of things on the website. ‘Till then, you’ll have to pardon the somewhat awkward layout in which I’ve presented them here.

The sifter’s construction is fairly simple. Bicycle wheels, stripped of tires, spokes, and gears, make up the the two hoops on each end. Wire mesh – chicken wire will do the trick, in a pinch – makes up the body. The whole thing rolls on a wood frame with four small castors screwed into the sides. The grooves of the wheels fit perfectly along the castors, and they spin the sifter with the least effort. Jon and James can say more about the details of the sifter’s construction. More to come soon…




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