Tree Well Outreach

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  1. The tree well plants were chosen to endure the summer’s heat and
    pollution from traffic. This treewell gets full sun and the run-off of water from the children’s fountain from inside the playground in summer.

    Plumbago, ceratostigma- leadwort. A tough plant with a pretty blue flower, spreads. Leaves turn red in fall.

    Silene Caroliania Native plant that spreads 1 footx1 1/2 with beautiful pink flowers.( also loves shade and part shade!!)

    Agastache- full sun, flowers repeatedly.Our variety is purple.

    Dianthus ‘firecracker’ makes neat little mounds with firecracker pink flowers!!-full sun

    We are encouraging all to water their tree wells outside their dwellings- Just take 2 empty milk gallon jugs. Cut one in half and throw the top away.

    Cut slits (about 1 1/2″-2″)in sides of bottom half. Take 2nd empty milk jug and poke holes in the bottom and throw some gravel in the jug.

    This will keep the jug from blowing away but allow the water to flow out gently.

    Now slide the 1/2 jug-like pants! onto the 2nd- this will keep it from dripping while you leave your home.

    When you get to your tree well just remove the ‘pants’!!
    You can tie a string to both pcs. so they stay together.

    Please try to get in the habit of doing this once a day and your tree will really be happy and you’ll know you’ve made the world a better place!!

    Thank you!! and thanks Phil, for the gravel idea.

    If you’re interested in getting help for your tree well, please leave us a message or you can also visit or visit your friends at Greenbridge @ the Brooklyn Botanic Garden- We all want to help!!

  2. Hi Virginia,

    I just joined the group recently. I live in Manhattan but go to Brooklyn weekly. I can’t find “contact” on the site, but read your posts so I thought I’d contact you. I moved to NYC this year from Florida, and I am aching to get my hands back into some dirt! A friend in Brooklyn recommended this group as plant/flower therapy for me 🙂 Do you send notifications out when help is needed? If so, I would like to have my name on the list. Thanks.


  3. Hi – Can you let us know what are your weekend hours? I checked the homepage, but it only listed hours that expired on October 31 – the winter hours were not yet posted. Thanks!

  4. Whoops! I forgot to mention – I’m specifically looking for composting hours. PS – I do lots of wordpress work so if you need help updating things, let me know.

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