Time to prune

A few hardy souls gathered in the garden on the last day of February to get a start on pruning some of the trees and larger shrubs.

2015-winter-pruning-3- branches-sky

It was only 25°F when we started, but at least the sun was shining.



About 10 people came to help; not bad for February!



Brian’s mum and Catherine display weather appropriate layering of head-wear while tending to Euonymus kiautschovicus ‘Manhattan’ and Stuartia pseudocamellia, respectively.


Two brutes, a Doctor Huey rose and Campsis radicans (trumpet vine), getting a good cut by yours truly and Virginia.


We have a good deal of Cornus sericea (red-twigged dogwood) which is pruned every winter. After some trimming we end up with enough branches to make a decent stock of pea sticks/bean poles.



Jeremy uses the pole saw to reach some high up branches.


Smaller prunings being taken to the brush pile by Aaron.


We also cut back the raspberries and blackberries and removed some larger limbs of the Euonymous alatus (burning bush). Sprirea japonica was cut back, and some suckers on the apple tree were removed.

Thanks to all who braved the cold! Everyone is welcome to come to our next group gardening day on the 21st of March at 1pm; hope to see you there!

All photos by Brian Thompson.

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