PHCF’s Annual Plant Sale!

This past Saturday marked the last day of this year’s edition of the annual Plant Sale! With the weather finally warming up (and staying dry enough), folks were looking for new plants to grow in their homes and yards. The garden was especially proud to offer self-propagated and heirloom varieties of tomatoes, herbs, and more in order to offer full transparency into the lineage of the plants we were offering.

A big thank you for everyone who made it out — members and neighbors alike! The Plant Sale is huge part of how the garden gets its funding for the year and is one of the biggest community events we have. Looking forward to 2020 already…

Here are some lovely photos from the event – if you have more to share, please reach out at

  Rosemarie, our treasurer, at the ready despite the rainy weather! 

 Some of the varieties we had to offer during the sale 

 Getting creative with container options – this year, we let folks recycle pots!

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