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With a new garden season right around the corner, we’re pleased to see our composting efforts — and our longstanding partnership with the Park Slope Food Coop — showcased in the Linewaiters’ Gazette, a publication by the coop.

As written by Liora Fishman:

The Prospect Heights Community Farm (PHCF), on St. Marks Avenue between Vanderbilt and Underhill Avenues, stands as a testament to the power of collective environmental stewardship. The farm provides the opportunity to grow fresh produce, to share it with the local community via efforts like Victory Garden and a communal herb garden, and to teach neighbors about urban agriculture, plants and vegetables alike.

One of PHCF’s lesser-known green initiatives is a dynamic composting partnership with the Park Slope Food Coop, fostering a closed-loop system that transforms organic waste into nutrient-rich compost. In an interview with Compost Coordinator Brian Thompson, he explained how PHCF partners with the Coop to further the mission of sustainable urban living.

We’re proud of all the hard work from our composting teams who turn food scraps into fertilizer that enriches our soil. Check out the full article!

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