Ratified: February 23, 2019

In order for the Prospect Heights Community Farm to fulfill its mission and serve as a welcoming and safe space for all Garden Members and visitors, we uphold the following Ground Rules. If a Garden Member believes a rule has been violated and cannot amicably resolve the issue with another Member, this should be brought to the Garden Board as per the Article II, Section 6: Rules and Disciplinary Action in the Bylaws.


  • No one may be denied access to the garden on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, ability, or age, with the exception of children under the age of 16 who must be accompanied by a supervising adult.
  • Each Garden Member is entrusted with a key to the garden. Garden keys may not be shared with non-Members. There is a $5 fee for replacing lost keys. The Member must return the key within 10 days of the last day of his or her Membership.
  • The gate must be locked when a Garden Member is not present.
  • The garden may not be used for private events or parties. To propose an event, Garden Members and non-Members must submit an Event Application to the Garden Administrators at least two weeks prior to the event.
  • Only pets registered to Garden Members are allowed in the garden.  Garden Members may register their pets by reading and signing the Pet Owner Agreement and file this with the Coordinator(s). Exceptions are made for service-animals, which are welcome in the garden without registration.

Gardening and Groundskeeping

  • We garden organically. The use of non-organic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers is not permitted.
  • Tools, supplies, or plantings from the garden may not be removed from the garden, unless they are yours and yours alone. Communal tools are available in the shed but must be returned when not in use.
  • Tree pruning and removal shall only be performed by or under the guidance of the Master Gardeners.
  • Changing of communal bed boundaries, ornamental or other structural additions or alterations to any portion of the garden are subject to the approval of the Garden Board and Membership.
  • Children under the age of 18 may garden in the designated Children’s Planting Box under adult supervision.


  • With the exception of the Communal Herb Circle and Communal Flower Cutting Bed, berry patches,and fruit trees, picking plants and flowers from the Communal areas of the garden is not allowed. When harvesting from the Herb Circle and Flower Cutting Bed, please take only what you need and leave enough for others.
  • Harvesting crops from private boxes or working a in a private box without permission of the Box Holder is not permitted.
  • Box Holders who are unable to harvest their crops are asked to make arrangements with other Garden Members or contact the Garden Administrator(s) so that harvestable crops are not wasted.

Good Conduct

  • Smoking, vaping, alcohol, illegal substances, and gambling are prohibited in and near the garden.
  • Excessive noise or disorderly conduct in and near the garden is not permitted at any time out of respect for our neighbors.
  • Physically or verbally threatening another Garden Member or visitor may lead to immediate expulsion from the garden and should be reported to the Garden Board, which will review the dispute and if warranted the garden will issue a warning to the Member. This warning will be made public to the entire Membership of the garden.

Version History:

2/23/2019 – Updated and Ratified

January 2017 Version