PHCF is attempting to repel mosquitoes this summer with an OMRI certified garlic concentrate.  Below is a quick guide for garden members to spray the garden.

  • When there has been no rain and the forecast is clear for at least 24 hours (48 hours is even better); in the early morning or evening is best but not required; every 2-4 weeks
  • Where: ‘common’ areas, especially under thick foliage, tree trunks, shrubs, shaded areas, the compost heap, under deck and seating, in all paths and plants in paths, around water barrels and tanks, etc. Do not spray ‘private’ boxes.
  • How
    1. Release pressure from sprayer by pulling valve on the side of the main body
    2. Remove cap by pushing pump handle as low as possible, maintain firm downward pressure, and then turn handle counter clockwise to unscrew
    3. Fill 1 cup Garlic Barrier and 2 gallons of water into sprayer
      • If using water from the garden, ensure no debris gets into the sprayer by using a cheesecloth or other barrier (usually water from the rain tanks has less debris)
    4. Screw pump handle back in
    5. Spray: Make approximately 10 pumps every five minutes. Sweep wand back and forth holding nozzle about 8” above foliage or closer to get into deep/thick foliage.  Tip: If it sounds like air is coming out of pump mechanism, go back and check if pump mechanism is fully screwed in
    6. Refill and continue spraying
      • It takes about four gallons of water or two rounds of spraying and 1.5-2 hours to cover the garden areas indicated above.