Here are some handy tips for completing Open Hours.  Please read the Service Hours Guidelines for required steps to complete for Open Hours.

Open hours are a great time to keep the garden in order. Here are some activities to focus on during your shift:

  • Greeting visitors to the garden.  Please let visitors know that they are free to explore the garden, but not to disturb any plots.
  • Filling water barrels
  • Watering communal areas
  • Picking up litter
  • Organizing the shed
  • During the summer months ensure that there is no standing water, or potential for it, to discourage mosquito activity, upturn any wheelbarrows, buckets, containers or any other object that could collect water
  • Place refuse and recyclables at the curb outside of our garden no earlier than 5pm the night before our collection day.  (Note: There is no garbage or recycling collection on Department of Sanitation holidays.)
    • Refuse: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 
    • Recycling: Tuesday
  • Weeding communal areas (start with un-stewarded areas or check in with a Steward prior to your shift)
  • Remember to complete your Open Hours – save a reminder in your calendar, write on your hand, put a post it by the door – whatever works for you
  • Check the weather before you come – be prepared and be safe, use common sense (chance of rain? bring an umbrella, windy out? wear a jacket, a huge lightning storm is going on when your shift is starting? don’t risk being in the garden until it’s over).  Note: If there is bad weather and you do not feel safe in the garden, please do not stay – cross off your name and complete an open hours shift at a later time
  • If you will be late or can’t fill your Open Hours shift, cancel your shift on before the shift so others can sign up AND/OR email the listserve to see if someone can swap
  • Do not perform any major pruning without the permission of a Master Gardener and/or Steward
  • If you have a question, please email:
  • As a GreenThumb garden, we are committed to opening our garden to the public for 20 hours/week from April 1 – October 31
  • Only two members maximum per shift can receive credit
  • Being in the garden during unofficial Open Hours times does not count towards the posted Open Hours we’re obligated to complete or your Service Hours
  • The “garden year” in which all member hours are to be counted is currently Annual Meeting to Annual Meeting
  • All Open Hours are taken from the signup on
  • We rely on your honesty – if you are not at the garden, you should not receive credit
  • You can find your Open Hours credit as well as other points to help get you comfortable around the garden under the Current Members page