Good times at the garden

Too much fun can be great. We seem to have gathered a bit of a backlog of past event photos to share, so without further ado…

Natural Tannin Dyes
Liz Spencer aka the Dogwood Dyer brought organic cotton, wild nettle, and fair trade hemp to dye with acorns, black walnut, sumac, and iron. Tannin-rich plants can be used for both mordanting and dyeing which means you can create a beautiful fall palette from completely local ingredients! In addition to these lovely dyes, shibori and itajame techniques for patterning were shared.

This workshop was held in November 2013. Don’t miss our next natural dye workshop focusing on Indigo and Woad! Learn more at

Wild Brooklyn
Clover, Violet, Mugwort, Nettle, and Plantain were just some of the helpful plants discussed at this workshop. Vanessa Chakour shared her own infusions, discussed what plants grew successfully in our zone, led a walk pointing out the plants in the neighborhood, and then brought everyone back to garden to make their own tinctures.

This workshop was held in September 2014. Learn more about local, medicinal plants at

Beneficial Weeds
Akosua Albritton led a Gardener’s Mic on healthy (and tasty!) weeds around the garden. Purslane, Lamb’s Quarters, Dandelion, and Wood Sorrel are some of the plants growing right under our feet and often ignored, but also are sold at the green market, food coop, and fine dining establishments. Plants were passed around and identification tips and nutritional benefits were shared.

Gardener’s Mic provides the opportunity to learn about a gardening topic at the end of our monthly meetings. This talk was for our September 2014 meeting.


Master Gardener, fiber farmer and enthusiast, Traci Nottingham, held a crochet workshop for beginners.  This was no ordinary tutorial; she provided hand carved wooden crochet hooks to participants! Scarves, pot holders, and more were made.

This workshop was held in September 2014.

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