2023 PHCF Meeting Dates

Mark your calendars for the 2023-2024 garden season!

Sunday, March 12 3 – 5 pm*
Saturday, March 18 workday 1:30 – 3:30 pm**
Saturday, April 15 at 12:30 pm
Saturday, May 20 at 11 am
Sunday, June 11 at 12:30 pm
Wednesday, July 12 at 6:45 pm (potluck)
Sunday, July 16 workday 10 am – 12 pm
Wednesday, August 16 at 7 pm (zoom)
Saturday, August 19 workday 10 am – 12 pm
Saturday, September 9 at 12:30 pm
Sunday, October 15 at 12:30 pm
Saturday, November 11 at 12:30 pm

*Daylight savings
**Sunday, March 19 depending on weather

Interested in joining the garden? You can find more information here.

Leaf Drop 2023

The garden’s Compost Team is gearing up for this year’s leaf drop, and we need your help! We’ll be collecting bags of leaves on Sundays starting this week and into December. Our goal is to collect 120 bags to keep us in good shape through next fall.

We’ll be accepting leaves bagged in clear plastic or brown paper bags. Please no twigs, trash or compost!

Pumpkin Smash Returns!

Join us to celebrate 25 years of community gardening and our end-of-season party at the annual Pumpkin Smash Potato Bake Bash.  

Come on out Saturday, November 4, from 12-4 pm (rain date: Sunday, November 5) to smash your jack-o-lantern and enjoy a hot potato.

Please see the flyer for more information, and continue below to learn about the history of this event, written years ago by Redelia N., one of our founding members, as dictated to her daughter and another founding member, Traci N.

In fall 1997, we cleared the garden of car doors and other parts — sofas, broken dishes, mugwort and of course, the dreaded knotweed and other debris. The following spring, with the assistance of Dan N. cutting the boards, we built new boxes during Memorial Day weekend, filled the boxes with wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of soil, and after that, the planting was on!

At a meeting during the early fall of 1998, one of our former members (John S.) suggested we have an end-of-season party to reward ourselves for all the hard work. Someone suggested after Halloween and invite the community too so they could recycle their tired jack-o-lanterns. Someone else suggested we smash them against the wall before adding them to our compost pile; yet another suggested we should have baked potatoes and other snacks.

We thought on what to name our event since we were throwing pumpkins, so someone came up with pumpkin smash, and since we were serving potatoes, it was a potato bake too. The name “Pumpkin Smash Potato Bake Bash” was suggested, and everyone agreed.

We served baked potatoes — both white and sweet — and cold and mulled cider. Each member brought food stuffs for the event, even marshmallows for the kids and the kids at heart. Music was provided compliments of the Pantones (and in subsequent years as well) and with Stan B. and his gang when they were available. A simple flyer was made. It was posted around the neighborhood primarily by Joseph J.; other members posted the flyers in their building lobbies and under doorways. 

Thus the Pumpkin Smash Potato Bake Bash was born! It was not the idea of one sole person but a communal, group effort of the truly dedicated garden members. It has become one of our garden’s signature events.

Later on, in order to save our garden from destruction, a full contingency of garden members went to our local community board to elicit their support in the preservation of us as a community garden. We spoke of the various programs that we planned as a service to the community, such as youth gardening, movie nights, voter registration drives, pumpkin composting and other events.

RIP Our Tree

In early October, our crabapple tree, which stood tall as one of the first things you see when entering the garden, was removed. It had been suffering from a fungal disease.

The crabapple tree has been around for longer than the garden! As Catherine shared in a previous meeting, we often take our trees for granted, but with an accumulation of stressors, they eventually succumb, so we must pay attention to our trees.

Thank you to Arborpolitan for their great care in removing the tree, the Pharmers who spearheaded this effort and came out that day and Traci for sharing photos of the before and after.

Our crabapple tree before removal
The stump was also removed but saved
After the tree’s removal

Open Garden Day 2023

Please join us at the garden for Open Garden Day from 10-4 on Saturday.

We’ll be hosting a work day in the morning followed by a mini-BBQ/potluck. You’re welcome to bring snacks, side dish, dessert or drinks to share, and we’ll provide the grilled goodies.

All are welcome!

See you at the Pharm

Our Annual Plant Sale!

Prospect Heights Community Farm annual plant sale

You’re invited to PHCF’s Annual Plant Sale, where we’ll be offering PHCF homegrown tomatoes, herbs, vegetables, annuals and perennials, plus houseplants. We prefer PayPal or cash payments.

Here’s a sneak peek of what we’ll have available over the next two weeks:

  • Evening Primrose (perennial)
  • Artichoke Imperial Star
  • Thai Basil
  • Okra (jing orange and clemson spineless)
  • Trinidad Hot Pepper
  • Cosmos
  • Elderberry
  • Boysenberry
  • Oxalis
  • Gooseneck Loosestrife
  • Liriope

You can view the full list of this year’s offerings here. Prospect Heights Community Farm is celebrating 25 years!

The Garden Season Is Here

Thank you to garden members who pitched in and brought great energy to the first work day of the new season! Led by Master Gardener Traci, we distributed a fresh pile of woodchips and also did some pruning and trimming.

If you participated in the work day and haven’t already, please submit your Service Hours. Thank you again!

Photo by Mickey
Photos by Traci

What is a work day?

Led by a master gardener, a workday typically follows a meeting and is a great way to get involved with the garden! MGs will prioritize tasks around the garden, which can include moving and distributing soil, pruning, trimming, removing nails from boards, picking up leaves for compost, spreading fresh compost and lots more.

Work days count toward a member’s Service Hours. Service Hours are required for all/most members. Work Hours + Open Hours = Service Hours. More details about Service Hours can be viewed here.

Thank You for Joining Us!

Thank you to all the neighbors who came out on a beautiful afternoon for the 24th annual Pumpkin Smash Potato Bake Bash. Hope to see you again next year!

Great day for a pumpkin smash potato bake bash!
Pumpkins have been smashed
The pumpkin-smashing station
Kids’ activity station

24th Annual Pumpkin Smash Potato Bake Bash

Dear Neighbors,
It’s that time of year again! Please join us at PHCF for the 24th Annual Pumpkin Smash Potato Bake Bash.

Saturday, November 5th from 12-4pm.
Rain date: Sun. November 6th, 12 – 4 pm.
252 St. Marks Ave
Free and open to the public!

Help us spread the word among family and friends. Together we have been smashing
pumpkins and baking potatoes since 1998. Don’t forget your jack o’lantern!

We hope to see you next Saturday,
Prospect Heights Community Farm

Meditation in the Garden Tuesdays

Sumit Som from the Vajradhara Center in Boerum Hill will be leading meditation in our garden on Tuesdays in August beginning this Tuesday August 2. 

Tuesdays in August

7:00-7:45 PM

Free! (donations are encouraged)

Location: Prospect Heights Community Farm

252 St Marks Avenue 

Enjoy a relaxing meditation and brief dharma talk in a beautiful community garden. Just as plants can grow and bloom, so can our wisdom and compassion. We will learn about Buddhism basics and then take time to meditate and discuss. Come join us!

If it’s raining, please check their website for potential cancellation updates at https://www.brooklynmeditation.org/