Service Hours Guidelines

Adopted: 2/23/2019

The garden thrives because of its members!  It is each member’s personal responsibility to ensure they understand and fulfill their Responsibilities of Membership as outlined in Article II of the PHCF Bylaws.  Completing the required number of Service Hours is one such responsibility.  As stated in Article II, Section 4, Part B “Service Hours are defined as keeping the garden open during scheduled open hours or working on a service project led by a project manager or coordinator.  At least 60% of a member’s Service Hours requirement must be filled by open hours service, specifically. Participation in regularly scheduled work days that happen to coincide with open hours does not fulfill this percentage requirement.”  Please see the guidelines for fulfilling this requirement below.

The Service Coordinator transcribes information from Calendars and SIgn-In Sheets in a Google Spreadsheet, which tabulates requires hours, hours completed, and remaining hours.  This spreadsheet is available on the website and is posted in the garden.

Open Hours

  • The schedule of Open Hours (i.e. the days and times the garden is open to the public) is determined by the membership.  The schedule can be changed by a membership vote. Any changes should be reported to Green Thumb.
  • Open Hours may only be completed from April 1st to October 31st only.  The current schedule of open hours must be listed on the garden website and on the outside fence.  
  • No more than two people may sign up for a single Open Hours shift.  
  • Keeping the garden open during unscheduled hours does not count as Open or Work Hours.
  • Compost Hours during the growing season count as Open Hours.  Those interested should email the compost team at
  • Members may fulfil the Service Hours Requirement by completing only Open Hours.  
  • Record Open Hours by:
    • Writing your FIRST name and LAST initial on the paper calendar in the garden notice board.  The calendars are also usually passed around during meetings. Please try to write as clearly as possible.  
    • If you are late, please adjust the time to the closest 15 minute increment, eg 12:15-2:00.
    • If you are at the garden when someone who has signed up is not present, please cross their name out but only if you are sure they are not there (Hours are taken directly from the sign up sheet and crossing out someone’s name means they will not get credit – do so with respect)  
    • If you arrive late to your open hours and your name has been crossed off, write your name back in and update it with the time you actually arrived.
  • What to do if you have to leave or miss your shift:
    • If there is bad weather and you do not feel safe in the garden, please do not stay – cross off your name and complete an open hours shift at a later time
    • If you will be late or can’t fill your Open Hours shift, please try to cross your name out before the shift so others can sign up AND/OR email the list serve to see if someone can swap
    • If you miss your Open Hours shift, please cross your name out prior to month end OR email the Service Coordinator(s) to make the appropriate adjustments

Work Hours

  • Work Hours are any group or project hours that occur outside of scheduled Open Hours.  This may include Group Gardening Days, Winter Compost Hours, Special Projects, or Garden Events, such as the Spring Plant Sale.
  • For those interested in Winter Compost Hours, email the compost team at  
  • Group Garden Days occur throughout the garden year and count toward Work Hours.  No pre-sign up needed, sign-up sheets are available and participants should sign in and out to record the hours they worked.
  • Members record completed Work Hours by recording entry and exit times on the Sign-in Sheet. Do not sign the Open Hours calendar if you are doing a team/work day activity, the coordinator sponsoring the hours will report them based off a separate sign in sheet
  • Notices about Special Projects or Events are usually sent via email.  Work Hours may also be allocated to individuals who perform tasks on behalf of the garden, such as retrieving the annual hydrant permit.  


Document Revision History
2/23/2019 – Ratified at the Annual Meeting.