Here are some points to help get you comfortable around the garden. Please also familiarize yourself with the garden Bylaws, Ground Rules, and Guidelines (see menu above). If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

Get Involved

There are a number of ways to garden at PHCF.  Please remember, we are an organic garden and the use of pesticides and herbicides is forbidden.

  • Sign up for an open hours slot on, please bookmark the link sent by the Service Hours Co-Coordinators.
  • All members may plant in the two communal vegetable beds in the rear of the garden (see map).
  • If you would like to help maintain our communal ornamental areas in the front half of the garden, please email or talk to a Master Gardener.
  • For private box questions, see the box list FAQ.
  • Garden with friends! Come to the next work day listed on our calendar. This is the best way to gain experience gardening.
  • Foods scraps and healthy herbaceous plant materials may be added to the compost bins in the rear of the garden. More details are on the composting page and in the garden.
  • We communicate garden updates through our listserv. If you are a current member, but not part of our listserv, contact the Communications Coordinator for an invitation to be re-sent.

Membership Status

To ensure accuracy in recording, the meeting attendance, dues payment, and service hours tallies for all current members are posted here for 2024.

Each individual member who has received a key is listed here.

If there are any questions or discrepancies, please contact the appropriate coordinator as listed below.

  • Project Hours: Service Hours Coordinators.
  • Open Hours: Service Hours Coordinators. Note: hours are taken directly from the page, send questions to
  • Compost: Compost Coordinators (
  • Box Status: Box Coordinator (
  • Meeting Attendance: Secretaries
  • Dues: Treasurers (
  • Please also CC (Copy) the Service Hours Coordinators as well as it may just be a formula error

Service Hours Breakdown

The garden thrives because of its members!  It is each member’s personal responsibility to ensure they understand and fulfill their Responsibilities of Membership as outlined in the Bylaws, Ground Rules, and Service Hours Guidelines.

  • Open Hours, April 1-October 31 only
    • Open Hours: Help keep the garden open to visitors by participating in Open Hours.  See the Open Hours page for details on how to sign up and what to do during your Open Hours slots
    • Compost Open Hours, Sundays 10am-12pm: email the compost team at
  • Work Hours, garden-year round
    • Group Garden Days: No pre-sign up needed, just come and make sure to write your hours on the sign in sheet when you’re there
    • Compost Winter Open Hours and Projects: email
    • Various: Email the coordinator of the project

At the garden

  • If you are opening the garden, always hang the lock on the hook located on the rear of the post underneath the notice board
  • If someone gets hurt inside the Garden
    • If the person is in need of immediate medical attention or it is an emergency, call 911
    • If it’s not an emergency, make sure the person is able to make their way safely home
    • After the injured person is taken care of, please send a summary within three (3) calendar days to the listserve
  • If something needs fixing/ repair
    • If there is a dangerous condition in the Garden that needs to be addressed (like a hole that someone might step in) please do your best to make sure that others won’t get injured, and notify the board via email
  • If utility personnel need access to the Garden
    • Confirm which company they are from and what they need to do
    • For minor work, you may approve their entry at your discretion
    • For any substantial work (climbing, digging, demolition etc), please provide their contact information and specifics to the board – please let them know we need to obtain approval and will contact them if approval is granted.
  • If you are departing, the garden may need to be locked up, please check if anyone else is in the garden
    • No: Great, please lock up
    • Yes: Is it a member? (If you do not recognize the other persons, feel free to inquire if they are members.)
      • No: Please let them know you are closing up the garden
      • Yes: Let them know you are leaving

Leaving the garden

If you no longer wish to be a member of the garden, please return your key to the Treasurers, unsubscribe from the email list, and let the box coordinator know to remove you from the waitlist (if applicable).