To get a sense of the garden in its entirety, there is a map.


Our four compost bins and dedicated compost team provide the opportunity for our neighbours to compost their food waste. Have a look at the composting page to find out more about our compost operation.

Rainwater harvesting

Since 2004, we have collected rainwater from a neighbouring building for use in the garden. We have three 300 gallon barrels with a total capacity of 900 gallons collecting rainwater from a 656 square foot roof.

Rainwater Harvesting

Water Collection

Photo credit: Chris Kreussling (Flatbush Gardener)

Communal gardens

Communal areas include the Herb Garden, Woodland Whimsy, and Alpine Garden along with various other communal areas.  The newest area is the Textile and Dye Garden.


Individual raised beds

We have twenty raised beds which are used by members for their own personal planting. This typically consists of vegetables, but also includes strawberries, gooseberries, grapes, and various flowers.

What we do to service the community

Throughout the year we have various activities open to our neighbours throughout Prospect Heights and beyond. In January, we encourage people to bring their Christmas trees to Mulch Fest to turn them into mulch for the city.

After a quick spruce up of the garden for plants that need pruning during dormancy, we open the garden for 20 hours per week starting in April for anyone passing by (weather permitting; see the sidebar on the right for details).  We also hold a plant sale in May.

In the fall, we have a leaf collection which provides our compost with much needed browns and a Pumpkin Smash Potato Bake Bash event to collect Halloween pumpkins.  In the quiet seasons, we open the garden for two hours a week.

Our members volunteer around the neighbourhood for good causes such as tree well planting and maintenance, and in other gardens to lead workshops and give talks both in the garden and elsewhere in the neighbourhood.