Are you interested in becoming a member of the Prospect Heights Community Farm?

To become a new member, complete the following:

  • Attend a monthly meeting. Check the Calendar page for the upcoming meeting dates, times, and locations). No need to RSVP.
  • Attend orientation. Given directly after meetings.
  • Pay dues. Recommended $25, minimum $5.

Member responsibilities include the following:

  • Following all garden bylaws and rules
  • Volunteering for open hours and attending meetings during the gardening season
    • Depending on when you join, new member Service Hour requirements may be prorated
  • Helping to maintain the garden as a safe, attractive, and enriching public space for all New Yorkers

Members are entitled to the following benefits:

We encourage families and partners to join PHCF.  Each adult that joins will have his or her own member benefits and responsibilities as detailed above.

Adult family members may share one box, or each may have his or her own box.

  • If both adult family members request their own box, each member will be put on the waiting list, and once a box is assigned, each will have the responsibilities of a box-holding member.
  • In the case of a shared box request, the household should identify the “primary member.”  Only the primary member will be put on the waiting list, and once a box is assigned, will have the rights and responsibilities of a box-holding member.  Additional family members who pay dues and are issued keys will have the benefits and responsibilities of general members. (Note: Additional adult family members are not required to formally join the garden in order to enjoy it; however, keys are only issued to garden members.)