Face Covering Required Garden hours

Starting Friday, May 1 a few periods of time each week will be set aside as “Face Covering Required” hours, meaning that during those times everyone in the garden is required to wear a covering over their mouth and nose the entire time they are in the garden, even if no one else is there. 

The covering must be on and in use, not simply around one’s neck or in one’s pocket.

We hope that this will allow members wishing to take additional precautions to stop the spread of Covid-19 to feel safe spending time in the garden. These times are not age-restricted.

We are adopting this on a trial basis, and the board welcomes your feedback.

In an effort to provide at least one time each week for a variety of schedules, these hours will be in effect on:

  • Saturdays 10:00 am – Noon
  • Mondays 8:00 – 10:00 am
  • Wednesdays 5:00 – 7:00 pm, and 
  • Thursdays Noon – 2:00

Please continue to maintain a 6-foot distance between yourself and other gardeners, even during these “face-covering required” hours, and use personal gloves when handling shared tools.

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