The Garden Season Is Here

Thank you to garden members who pitched in and brought great energy to the first work day of the new season! Led by Master Gardener Traci, we distributed a fresh pile of woodchips and also did some pruning and trimming.

If you participated in the work day and haven’t already, please submit your Service Hours. Thank you again!

Photo by Mickey
Photos by Traci

What is a work day?

Led by a master gardener, a workday typically follows a meeting and is a great way to get involved with the garden! MGs will prioritize tasks around the garden, which can include moving and distributing soil, pruning, trimming, removing nails from boards, picking up leaves for compost, spreading fresh compost and lots more.

Work days count toward a member’s Service Hours. Service Hours are required for all/most members. Work Hours + Open Hours = Service Hours. More details about Service Hours can be viewed here.

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